The iPad is an ideal tool for field archaeology.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Protecting your iPad

The iPad is an ideal tool for field archaeology.  Yes, but it needs some protection before taking it into the field.

After looking seriously at the wealth of protective cases offered for the ipad, I have come to the conclusion that the best protection is offered by the Drop Tech Series iPadCase.  The standard model has a thick rubber surround with Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners.  the screen is protected by a replaceable screen cover - no lifting or removing a cover - your iPad is protected during use and the touch screen is every bit as responsive with the cover in place.

If you want even more protection, then you can try the Military Edition, which has a thicker rubber case.  An impressive video on the Drop Tech site shows a paintball gun being fired at the iPad's screen.  The iPad suffered less damage than the poor guy holding it!

Drop Tech Series  Military Edition

The only problem with these cases is that they are not waterproof, and I would not like to take them out in very heavy rain.  This brings me to my second line of defence - the Aquapac iPad case.  This gives submergible protection against water, but offers no protection against rough handling

Happily, you can use the two together.  Amazingly, the touch screen is still totally responsive though the Aquapac and the Drop Tech screen cover.

I shall be taking my iPad to carry all my notes, plans and maps when I take the EMAS group on its Easter field trip to South West Ireland.  With this level of protection, I have no fears for its safety.

Aquapac and Drop Tech Series  Military Edition