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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

3D Modeling and GIS Technology Aid Archaeology with More Accurate Research

We tend to think of archaeology as a discipline for shovels and artifacts, but according to American Sentinel University, 3D modeling and geographic information systems (GIS) technology are helping professionals create precise maps and landscape features to more accurately conduct research.

“The understanding and implementation of GIS adds breadth to a background in archaeology,” says Devon Cancilla, Ph.D., dean, business and technology at American Sentinel University. “GIS enables archaeologists to do their research and present their findings on a more complete and advanced scale. Having 3D modeling capabilities opens entirely new possibilities to archaeologists that weren’t there ten years ago.”

Although archaeology has traditionally been behind the technology curve and relied in the past on using the human senses more often than computers, today’s archaeologists are more adept with modern tools and analyzing computer-generated archaeological data before they ever step onto a site.

Bill Dickinson, principle GIS engineer for Exceptional Software Strategies, partly credits the spread of video games for the adoption of 3D.