The iPad is an ideal tool for field archaeology.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Digital world. Image: Marcus Abbott

Imagine the possibilities as you explore a stunning visualisation of a 3D digital world generated from archaeological and paleo-environmental data. It already exists, but needs your help in order to make it freely available to the world.

A virtual prehistoric world

This project offers a visual representation of what is known about an ancient landscape, combining detailed archaeological and scientific data with cutting edge digital recording and visualisation techniques to produce a virtual world, but so real that the past and present become one.
The world you will enter is over 3500 years ago; the Bronze Age of East Anglia, UK  and focuses on an area known to be of great ritual significance during this period.

A liminal wetland environment

The landscape is a liminal wetland environment and what you will be able to explore has been generated entirely digitally. The archaeology has been painstakingly reconstructed from evidence found on sites in the area; round houses, wooden platforms, track ways, fences and even the great causeway structures of Flag Fen are all present.
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iOS 7: readers tips on hidden iPhone and iPad features

While some of the headline-grabbing features of iOS 7 will only be available on the new iPhone 5S, like the fingerprint ID function, there are many hidden tweaks and new features for older devices..

While some of the headline-grabbing features of iOS 7 will only be available on the new iPhone 5S, like the fingerprint ID function, there are many hidden tweaks and new features for older devices.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review of Tour of the Nile [iPad App]

Reviewed by Helen Strudwick (July 2013)

Cite this as: Strudwick, H. (2013). Review of Tour of the Nile [iPad App]. Internet Archaeology 34
Helen Strudwick, Exhibitions Officer, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK. Email:
Review of: Petrie Museum's Tour of the Nile app (University College London, 2013 ). Available: Free app, released: Feb 12, 2013. Size: 88.7 MB. Version 1.1 released: Jul 2, 2013. Size: 103 MB. See also
In February 2013, the Petrie Museum released a new iPad app, available for download at no charge from the iTunes App Store. Version 1.1 was released in July 2013. The app is entitled Tour of the Nile and promises 'a virtual journey along the Nile Valley' plus the chance to 'handle' objects through the technology of augmented reality.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Archaeology Britain iPad App

The Archaeology Data Service and the British Library are pleased to announce the release of the Archaeology Britain iPad App.
The Archaeology Britain iPad app is a collaboration between The British Library and the ADS to create an accessible iPad app with unique and interesting content from both organisations. The app presents antiquarian drawings, paintings and maps for some of Britain's most important archaeological sites. The curated content provides unique and rarely seen perspectives for a wide range of sites from the stone age to the 20th century. The types of sites within the app are castles, churches, megaliths, settlements, and the defense of Britain. 

The app's target audience is the general public, and it is unique due to the rare content provided from the British Library archives. Much of the British Library content is not publically accessible, so the app offers a privileged view of some of the institutions most treasured collections. Additionally open content from the ADS and other sources were included to provide context to the British Library content.

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